At ZSK, we strive to give our customers the best service available. Here are some frequently asked questions that our customers ask us. If the answer you seek isn't listed, please contact ZoraSlade Karu with your question.

Are all of your creations Original Content?

Yes they are! ZSK products are all 100% originally made by ZoraSlade Karu and are Second Life Terms of Service compliant.
We create the mesh topology for each project from a blank slate, artistically create all of the textures from a blank canvas, and sample sounds from open-source media such as videos and audio clips. The ZSK scripted cores are customized to fit every project created, giving each product unique features.

Collaborated projects with other creators are checked thoroughly for verification that the content is original to it's creator, and is legal to use by Second Life's Terms of Service.

What does "Simulated Realism" mean?

Simulated Realism is a term we prefer to use over "Realistic" because people may be mislead to think that the aircraft performs exactly as the real counterpart. Our aircraft are based off of original aircraft specification and are then scaled down to a suitable scale that would be compatible with Second Life's limitations. Our preferred scale is 1:6 (one sixth) of the original aircraft's specifications in measurement. For example:

P-51D's stall speed is about 106 MPH (approx 47m/s). Way too fast for Second Life in practical terms.
So, we scale that back by a sixth of it's speed (47/6 = 7.8m/s). This allows for a realistic experience but slow enough to work within Second Life.

Can I demo a product before purchase?

Absolutely! Demo aircraft are available at our main store in Jadu, Click here to visit.

My aircraft didn't deliver to me, how can I have it redelivered?

Before asking for a re delivery, please make sure that your Second Life preferences are set up to allow inventory offers to be made. Otherwise, you may be automatically declining the delivery.

There are 2 ways to have your aircraft redelivered;
  • If you purchased via Marketplace, contact ZoraSlade Karu. Providing the transaction history of the purchase will help speed up the delivery process.
  • If the purchase was made via a Caspervend vendor, you may visit any Caspervend redeliver terminal to receive your product again. There is one located in the ZSK Main store. Alternatively, you can contact ZoraSlade Karu.

How does my product receive updates?

An update will be automatically sent to you if a product update is available. To check, just rez out your product in world and it will automatically check if an update is available.

Is there a difference in performance between your aircraft?

Yes, there is! Each ZSK aircraft behaves as the real life aircraft would. We emulate the unique behaviors of each aircraft to the best out our ability. This includes but is not limited to; stall behavior and flight characteristics. Before flying your aircraft, it is best to read the instructional notecard provided in your package, and understand the characteristics of the aircraft you're about to fly.

My plane doesn't cross sims well. Why is this?

Sim crossing lag is an old time issue with Second Life. There are many factors that contribute to Sim crossing lag that even the best of our Second Life creators cannot fully understand. However, we do our best to utilize our creation so that sim crossing lag is kept to a minimal factor. 

We suggest for smoother sim crossing that:
  • You use the original Second Life, or any stable third-party viewer. We have found that some third-party viewers (like Firestorm viewer) can double the length of sim crossing time. Because, some of the features in the viewer itself cause extra latency during the sim crossing hand-over.
  • Minimizing the script usage on your avatar. This could be extra attachments that use excessive script time, high land impact or prim-heavy objects, or complex animation overiders.
  • Setting up your viewer's graphics and network preferences. Rendering less may help in crossing faster, and properly configuring your viewer's Maximum bandwidth can also effect your crossing performance.
  • Testing your internet connection. Especially for non-United States users, test to see your ping and latency from your location to a Second Life server location. High ping can contribute to crossing lag.
  • The Sim location. Traffic hot spots like mainland sims and high traffic public sims can also be a factor to bad crossing times and even disconnections. Homestead sims (which can contain a maximum of 20 avatars and 1/4 prims of a regular sim) can also be lag spots.

Why are your combat planes not modifiable?

This is because of the VICE combat system we are using in the aircraft. VICE weaponry can be easily modified by replacing the bullets or ordinances in the the aircraft, as well as some illegal modifications (hacks) made to the VICE system which can be exploited. This would give an unfair advantage against other combatants using the VICE system. 
By making the aircraft no modify, the weapons, bullets, notecards, and scripts are locked inside the aircraft and cannot be replaced. 
Despite the initial permissions being non-modifiable, we have developed systems that allow customization to the aircraft. Non-combat aircraft are set with modify permissions because VICE is not a factor in it's construction.

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